Virtual reality is coming back!

I have been watching this with interest for a while now and I am convinced that virtual reality represents the next big step in immersive gaming. Forget the memories of what we had back in the early 90’s that came and failed to take off, things have changed big time! We are now talking about 3D in high definition, running with high end graphics via PC or if Sony pull it off the playstation 4 as well.

Occulus Rift looks like the front runner at the moment running on PC, with the likes of ID Software’s John Carmack who created the game Doom (which is 20 years old!) jumping ship to join the project

Oculus was founded by Palmer Luckey, self-described virtual reality enthusiast and hardware geek. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund development of their first product, the Oculus Rift, raising over $2.4 million in funding from project backers and supporters around the world.

To give you an idea of how immersive virtual reality is now check out the video below, some of them are hilarious as people literally freaking out at the experience,
Oculus are not the only player though, Sony are rumoured to be developing a virtual reality headset to work with the Playstation 4 as well, which could be interesting seeing as there is nothing like this being touted for the Xbox one.

You can order the developers version of the Oculus for $300