Attack of the phone clones – OnePlus

So I’ve been a huge fan of OnePlus since they launched, prior to that I had an Oppo find 5 phone but latched onto the news that OnePlus was being created as a startup to attack the western market to help Oppo grow their market share.

I bought a OnePlus one as soon as it was available and loved the phone, especially the CyanogenMod Rom which was updated regularly and provided a good experience, and it’s a real shame OnePlus and CyanogenMod fell out.

A year later OnePlus released the OnePlus 2, and dual Sim, so I can finally get rid of my work iPhone 5, amongst other features like the design and fingerprint reader made me quickly want to jump ship! That said the OnePlus 2 Oxygen OS was buggy, with frequent slow down and sometimes it would freeze when I was on the train, possibly something to do with the dual sims switching between networks as far as I could work out.

So here I am a year later, and I was looking forward to the OnePlus 3. I was really hoping that OnePlus would keep the same design ethos and built a phone that punched above its weight to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple but at half the price. Now while the spec and price point is good, the phone design for me is a big selling point, look at the iPhone as an example, it is clearly a well-designed piece of kit, if they looked ugly Apple would probably not sell half the handsets they have.

Many phone companies clearly look up to Apple, but seem to be wanting to play it safe at the moment rather than take a risk and innovate from a design perspective.

The current OnePlus 3 design looks like what would happen if an IPhone 6 and a HTC one M9 met and had a little baby, see for yourself,


And this is the tip of the iceberg, there lots of other clones at the moment that look just like the above!

One saving grace for the OP 3 is that you can still get the bamboo or sandstone effect back for the OP 3, which does look really nice and hides the similarity with others for the rear.

Will I get a OnePlus 3 at some point? Maybe, but the vast majority of people I have spoken with seem to be happy to hold out for the next version as the OnePlus 1 and 2 are still holding their own. I’m still a fan of OnePlus, just hope they can not follow the herd when it comes to the OnePlus 4, time will tell!