Formula Fusion

One game I have always wanted on PC for years now was Wipeout. Having played it since it came out on the original PlayStation and then following it across most of the major console platforms over the years, I seriously love this game!!

Not long ago I saw that some of the team behind the original have opened a new studio called R8games and launched a Kickstarter fund to get the investment needed to make a new game called Formula Fusion, as soon as I saw that it was a no brainer to invest and join the test pilot program to get a flavour and do my bit to make the game a reality!

formula fusion screenshot

So far the game is coming on leaps and bounds, the latest beta release is amazing, the handling seems too good to be true in that it makes the craft very controllable, that’s not a bad thing, but it does not quite have the same feel as the other iterations of Wipeout, but it’s still a beta so there is still plenty of time to tweak it to perfection.

formula fusion screenshot3

So, what’s good about this version? First off they have used the unreal engine which is getting put through its paces, the graphics are simply awesome, take a look at the videos I put together below!

Formula Fusion Mannahatta track

Formula Fusion Niagara track

Formula Fusion Atlas Torres

So far for me 1st person nose cam view blows away 3rd person perspective all day long, it’s so much sharper and you get a really nice feel for the speed of it all. The current beta has four tracks of which are still being polished, but they look great and move fast. Apparently, there is a VR view coming which will make things really interesting, definitely excited about this.
All in all, while it’s about 50% of the way through development it seems like they are right on track to release a great game, it will also feature on other platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation, but who cares about them right!? 😉

Grab yourself early access via Steam here