Chrome to Opera, why change browser?

Occasionally I get bored (and start writing blog posts) with staring at the same apps day in and day out so have a little look around to see if there are any better alternatives. Chrome for me like many people was pretty much the standard browser I’d use given it is fast, easy to use, has lots of extensions and saves all your bookmarks among other features, But I had got bored with the look, and it does feel that Google have run out of steam recently with a lack of exciting new features so I have switched to Opera.

So I have a look around at a few alternatives,

  • Internet Explorer
    • Took 5 minutes to realise opening it was a bad decision and moved on.
  • Firefox
    • Looks horrific, internet 1.0
  • Brave Browser
    • Not a bad option but lack of extension support and is essentially chrome with an ad blocker
  • Opera
    • Oh it looks great and look at all these features the others don’t have….

So lets dig into why I have settled for Opera for the last few months,

I feel it’s winning in the looks department..

Click on the images to get a close view of each

Opera Browser
Chrome Browser
Firefox Browser







Which one did you prefer aesthetically?

What browser looks the best?

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It’s got more features

How about a built-in VPN to enhance your security and browsing privacy? There are a few reasons you might like to have this feature, a couple are,

  1. Companies want to track and use your data to display adverts or sell your browsing data to third parties.  A VPN can change your location globally at the click of your mouse, throwing them off your location.
  2. Ensuring you don’t get your password stolen when you are out using publicly accessible Wi-Fi. A VPN encrypts your connection to the internet, so if you are sharing a public network with other users hackers are unable to snoop on your data.
  • Built in Ad Blocker – Chrome is apparently getting one, but as you can imagine it will not be a full on ad blocker.
  • Battery Saver
  • Content optimisation – Opera can kindly compress images on the internet to speed up your browsing experience.
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp built-in – This is great!
  • A news section

One biggie to note, Opera also accepts Chrome extensions via the Download Chrome Extension so by moving over you are not even going to miss out on what you use today, which is awesome!

It’s the underdog

We all like supporting the little guys right? Google are dominating with Chrome, and ultimately it’s so they can track what you’re doing and sell advertising . I have decided to prevent this as much as possible, but I don’t want to negatively impact a great browsing experience or restrict my productivity. Opera has achieved this!


No extension Sync seems to be the one major omission by Opera and my only bug bear. They have an angle in that you don’t always need the same extensions on different machines, so your home and work PC for example. Everything else syncs nicely such as bookmarks and passwords.

So what do you think? At the very least give it a try, let me know your thoughts below 🙂

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