OnePlus 2 to OnePlus 5, worth the upgrade?

So I finally cracked up upgraded my trusty OnePlus 2 to a OnePlus 5. I must admit I was sceptical about whether I would stick with OnePlus after they let OnePlus 2 owners down on the OS upgrades with no Nougat. I looked at a few phones of which the LG G6 and essential phones were both getting my interest. I am also tiring a little of the OnePlus hype they try to create, they are coming across as being more corporate over time.

Lets face it, we all know they are owned by Oppo (and lets not mention the R11 which is almost identical to the OnePlus 5). The OnePlus 5 release video felt too staged for my liking, they are losing the original reason people bought a OnePlus phone, they were anti establishment and they were doing things differently, that is getting lost. It would have been better to do a live launch event in my opinion (Link to launch video), note the excessive use of fist bumps 😉

So what are my first impressions?

It’s lightning fast! Coming from the OnePlus 2, the speed of the OnePlus 5 is ridiculous in comparison. From the speed of the fingerprint sensor, to how zippy the apps load, the camera speed, literally everything moves along faster. It just makes using a phone a better experience, I’m sure I’ll get use to it pretty quickly.

It’s refined and feels great in your hand, it’s much thinner than the OnePlus 2 with it’s Bamboo cover with the Rosewood backing on, looks really nice as well, it even matches my desk! 🙂

OnePlus 2 on the left compared to a OnePlus 5

Dash Charge is fast, you can literally watch the percentage of the battery go up as it charges. I am a heavy phone user so this will come in handy, no doubt I’ll need a top up during the day.

It has NFC which the OnePlus 2 didn’t, I am looking forward to seeing how that performs day to day for making payments, we’ll see how that goes.

Oxygen OS has been further iterated, and has some nice options such as a gaming mode to keep notifications from bugging you which you’re in a game. It also has a reading mode that imitates the look of a Kindle.

So far I am not yet blown away by the dual camera, the detail is pretty nice though and I have the feeling they are working on making improvements, the level of detail is nice, see the couple of pictures I took below as an example,

OnePlus 5 plant picture

Rose OnePlus 5

All in all so far I am loving the OnePlus 5, if you’re thinking about upgrading it’s well worth a look. While it does not have all the features on a Galaxy S8 for example, it’s a few hundred pounds cheaper and a good specification.

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